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Private Swim Lessons  Ages:  3 + years  
Six-30 minute classes Price:  $157 RES/$196 NR

All Private Swim Lessons will be one-on-one with an experienced GPCC swim instructor. 
Aquatics Management creates a master schedule of  available dates and times.  You are then able to  select a time slot and full payment is due.
  • Registration will begin at 7:30 am on the registration start date and will be conducted on a first come first served basis. Note: On the first day of registration please check-in at the front desk.
  • Selection will continue until all available days & times have been filled.
  • After the first day of registration you are able to register over the phone.
Registration Start Dates:

Saturday, 4/15 at  7:30 AM
Saturday, 6/24  at 7:30 AM

If you have any questions about private swim lesson please contact the Aquatics Center at