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Small Group Training!


Suspension Training: (18+ yrs) Max. 5 participants

A total body resistance training program that utilizes a specialized strap system to place your body in various positions and by leveraging gravity to complete hundreds of exercises. Resistance is increased or decreased by simply adjusting your body position. Using your own body weight to develop strength, increase flexibility, balance and core stability. 
 Price: $36 Pass Holders; $44 Non-Pass Holders
Walk-in: $10 Pass holders/$15 Non Pass holders

4-week sessions
Wednesday, 10:00 am-10:45 am 4/19-5/10 5/17-6/7
Thursday, 6:00 pm-6:45 pm 4/20-5/11 5/18-6/8

Cycle & Core (18+years) Max. 8 participants

Burn calories and strengthen your core in the same class. This fusion class combines 40 minutes of cycling with 15 minutes of core work.  
Walk-in$10 Pass Holders; $15 Non-Pass Holders
4-week sessions
Monday, 7:15 pm-8:15 pm
Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
5/15-6/5 Price: $21 Pass Holders; $30 Non-Pass Holders
Tuesday, 7:15 pm-8:15 pm
4/18-5/9 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
5/16-6/6 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
6/13-6/27 Price: $21 Pass Holders; $30 Non-Pass Holders
7/11-8/1 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
Thursday,7:15 pm-8:15 pm
4/20-5/11 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
5/18-6/8 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
6/15-6/29 Price: $21 Pass Holders; $30 Non-Pass Holders
7/13-8/3 Price: $28 Pass Holders; $40 Non-Pass Holders
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Boot Camp Ages: 18+ years

Want to spice up your exercise routine or try something different, or just start your weekend off right with a great workout? This class can be a great supplement to your normal weekly exercise routine; it will get your heart pumping and your muscles screaming!  A variety of exercises will be used to burn fat, build muscle, increase endurance, and push you to the limit!   This is a high intensity class held outside by the band shell, behind the Community Center.  Trainer: Ed
Walk in: $10 Pass Holders/ $15 Non Pass Holders
Evening Boot Camp
Tuesday, 6:30 PM-7:25 PM 6/6-6/27 7/18-8/22
Thursday, 6:30 PM-7:25 PM 6/8-6/29 7/20-8/24
Tues/Thurs,  6:30 PM-7:25 PM 6/6-6/29 7/18-8/24
Morning Boot camp
Friday, 6:30 AM-7:25 AM 4/7-6/2 6/9-6/30 7/21-8/18
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Weekend Warrior

 A 90-minute mix of spin, suspension, and core work.
Price: $45 Pass Holders; $60 Non-Pass Holders.
Saturday, 7:05-8:35 AM 4/8-4/29
Sunday, 1:15 PM-2:45 PM 4/23-5/14 6/4-6/25 7/9-7/30
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Fit to Run 16+years

Ever think about running a 5k or just even losing weight, gaining muscle, and building endurance?  Now is your chance to enjoy the fresh outside air, make new friends, and scratch running a 5k race off of your bucket list!   This 8 week program will not only help you build enough endurance to run 3.1miles (or 30 min straight) but also will help you look and feel better!  This class is held outside rain or shine and will meet at the Band shell behind the Community Center. This is a beginner class, no previous running experience needed! (Must be in good health and slightly active). Trainer: Ed
Price: $120 Pass Holders; $135 Non-Pass Holders.
M/Tu/Th, 6:40 PM-7:30 PM 4/10-6/5
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Body Weight Burn 18+years

This class combines our suspension training with multiple variations of boot camp style exercises using only your body weight and minimal equipment.  We will work the whole body in various angles and positions while constantly engaging the core for a great overall workout. Trainer:  Ed
Price: $41 Pass Holders/ $50 Non-Pass Holders.  
Walk in: $10 Pass Holders/ $15 Non-Pass Holders
Wednesday, 6:15 PM-7:15 PM 4/12-5/10 5/17-6/14
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War of the Core Ages:  16+ years

An intense 35-40 minute muscular workout for the core followed by stretching. Equipment will include the most effective ways to build strength in the core region including the Bender Ball, weights, and your very own body weight.
 Price: $32 Pass Holders/ $40 Non-Pass Holders.
Walk in: $10 Pass Holders/ $15 Non Pass Holders
Friday, 9:30 AM-10:15 AM 3/24-4/14 4/21-5/12
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Core Balance for Active Adults  Ages: 50 + years

This class is designed for active older adults who would like to improve their balance, stability, and posture. Stretch and release techniques, standing balance exercises, and mat work will be used to strengthen the core and leg muscles. You will find yourself enjoying improved stamina for activities of daily life such as walking, getting in and out of chairs, and climbing stairs.
Tues/Thurs, 10:05 AM-11:00 AM 4/18-5/11 5/16-6/8
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