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                                                               Information for Deck Plans


      2 sets of plans are needed showing the following:

  • Site plan showing distance to rear and side property lines
  • Manufacturer specifications for the pressure treated lumber
  • Manufacturer specifications for all hangers, nails, screws and connectors
  • Dimensions and spacing of beams and joists
  • Footing locations and dimensions
  • Stair detail including the rise and run of treads
  • Railing detail including cross section details for handrails
  • Guard height and details
  • Details for attachment to house, if applicable
  • Details for connection of posts and beams. Notching of posts is acceptable with an engineers seal. COnnections must be bolted.

* Due to the corrosive nature of the new pressure treated lumber, all joist hangers, nails, bolts, anchors, connectors and screws, must be a minimum of G185 Hot Dipped galvanized or stainless steel.

Submissions must have all of the above information plus a completed permit application and proper fees.