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Township Staff


Township Manager: Karen Weiss: (610)277-4100
Finance Director: Timothy Creelman: (610)277-4100
Human Resources Manager: Rebekah Berry  (610)277-4100
Information Technology Director: Len Hess: (610)277-4100
Police Chief: Joseph Lawrence: (610)279-1901
Public Works Director: Christopher J. Loschiavo : (610)277-4103
Code Enforcement Director: Jim Wallace: (610)277-4103
Zoning/Planning: David Conroy: (610)277-4103 
Fire Marshal: Andrew Mount: (610)277-4311
Parks and Recreation Director: Karen S. Franck: (610)277-4312
Parks and Recreation Assistant Director: G. Philip Brady: (610)277-4312
Buildings and Grounds Director: Richard Carbo: (610)277-4312