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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides leadership and guidance in the development and implementation of equitable administration of policies, procedures and programs, thus fostering a positive work environment.  We also partner with all Township departments in a proactive, strategic manner to maximize the potential importance of Township employees.  It is a catalyst to promote a safe work environment, fairness, open communications, compassion and accountability as well as mutual trust and respect.


Human Resources Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Human Resources department to provide the following quality services to the employees of Plymouth Township:

  • recruitment of qualified individuals;
  • retention of valuable employees;
  • training, development and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization;
  • provide and promote a safe and healthy work environment;
  • inspire and encourage a high level of employee morale through recognition, effective communication and delivering constant feedback;
  • provide resources for administering benefits, policies and procedures.

These services are achieved via a team work philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and maintaining a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun!