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Township Manager


The Township Manager is responsible to Council for executing all policies established by it and for the proper administration of all affairs of the Township placed in her charge.

Karen B. Weiss was appointed Township Manager in May 2003 after holding various positions in the Township, including Zoning Officer, Director of Code Enforcement and Assistant Manager. She previously worked for Sperry Corporation and Unisys in the Accounting and Financial Analysis Departments. Ms. Weiss earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from St. Joseph's University and a Masters in Business Administration from LaSalle University. She is a current Executive Board member of the Delaware Valley Insurance Trust and a past president (2009) of the Montgomery County Consortium of Communities as well as past board member and Treasurer of the Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County.

Ms. Weiss was born in Plymouth Township and grew up in Whitemarsh Township.  She and her husband, a lifelong Plymouth resident, and their family have lived in Plymouth for the past 30 years.