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Plymouth Township's Environmental Advisory Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The boards's function is to advise Council on matters relating to protection, conservation, management, promotion of the natural resources of the Township and for the protection and the improvement of the quality of the environment. The board is comprised of 5 members who serve 1,2,3 year initial terms and 3 year terms thereafter. Current members: 

David Kavalow-Huie  Consh.  06/13/2011          12/31/2015 
 Mike Van Buren, Chair.   Plym. Mtg.    01/03/2011          12/31/2016**
 Walt Palac      Consh.   02/08/2010          12/31/2017**
 Scott Apel  Plym. Mtg.   01/05/2015          12/31/2017
 Tricia Moore, Vice Chair.    Plym. Mtg. 02/10/2014          12/31/2017  
 Rick Carbo, Staff   Plym. Mtg. 11/10/2008
 Dean Eisenberger, Council      Plym. Mtg. 01/2012