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 Emergency Management


Disasters are extraordinary natural and manmade events which can affect entire communities. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other similar events can strain any municipal agency to its limits and beyond. As we have all seen recently, manmade (accidental and intentional) acts can have a tremendous impact.

In an effort to address such catastrophes, Pennsylvania law requires that each and every community has plans in place for dealing with such emergencies. These plans help municipal leaders as well as emergency and municipal workers, prepare for such emergencies, respond appropriately to reduce the loss of life, injury and property damage when the incident occurs and to help the community return to normalcy after the event. These plans address the different types of emergencies that may need to be dealt with and when, where and how to ask for assistance from County, State and Federal Emergency Agencies.

No matter how well written, or how well prepared our emergency responders and public officials are, these plans and the performance of our personnel will be enhanced by our citizens being properly prepared to deal with these types of events.  Plymouth Township Emergency Management requests that our citizens and businesses prepare as well.  Several sites that can provide excellent information on how, what, when and who should be prepared are provided below.  In addition please feel free to call or stop by for additional information on proper personal preparation.

We encourage you to sign up on Montgomery County's Ready Notify and for those with Special Needs to use the Special Needs registry found here: