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Welcome to the K-9 Unit 

A very special and elite team of law enforcement officers exists in Plymouth Township.  The difference between these and any other law enforcement team isn’t their speed, agility, intelligence, bravery or commitment; it’s their legs.  

About Us

The Plymouth Township Police K-9 Unit was established in 1990 with donations from local businesses and Plymouth Township residents.  Initially, two dogs were purchased and paired with handlers who were selected based on their experience and dedication.  In 1992, two more K-9 teams were added along with a kennel facility for boarding and care of up to six dogs.

Today, Plymouth Township Police maintains a complement of four K-9 teams.  They provide around the clock support to the Patrol Unit and assist surrounding communities when needed.  All teams are Patrol certified to include criminal apprehension, tracking, building searches, handler protection and illegal drug detection.

K-9 teams are chosen after a through selection process of dog and handler.  The new K-9 team is subjected to 16 weeks of intense training designed to prepare the team for some of the situations they may face on the street.

The Plymouth Township Police K-9 Unit continues to uphold the highest tradition of law enforcement excellence through continued training and dedication to duty of man and dog.  Daily, these K-9 teams prove their loyalty and dedication to our community.  They work day-in and day-out, ready to risk their lives at a moment’s notice ALL to protect you.

Active K-9 Teams



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Retired K-9's Police K-9s who faithfully served the Plymouth Township Police Department since 1990.  Every one of these  K-9s has faithfully endeavored to preserve and protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Plymouth Township.  In the finest sprit of public service, they have demonstrated exemplary service in carrying out their duties.  It is with our deepest respect and gratitude that the officers of the Plymouth Township Police Department honor each and every one of these K-9s for their tireless devotion to duty. A job well done.  We shall never forget you.







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Killed in the Line
of Duty

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Badge 910
Career Ending Line
of Duty Injury


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 The K-9 Pledge

I promise to be worth every cent of the $10,000 it took to train me.

I promise to track down criminals who threaten and harm our community.

I promise to stand with you against the violence that penetrates our society.

I promise to sniff out the drugs being advertised to your children.

I promise to stay resolved and focused upon the success of our mission.

No mater what happens, I will be by your side….

Your loyal companion until the very end.

I will never leave your side…..I will never waiver…...I will never give up.