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Electronics are required by Law to be recycled under the Covered Device Act. They will not be accepted in regular trash.

Plymouth Township has an electronics and universal waste drop-off located at the public works building.  Most electronics can be dropped off for free. There is a fee for recycling televisions and CRT monitors.

Electronics (E-Waste) drop-off days and hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.   Anyone dropping off E-Waste must first stop in the engineering office for the drop-off location.   For additional drop-off instructions and questions call 610-277-4103.

Examples of acceptable collection materials include, but are not limited to, computer monitors, computer towers or desktops, laptops, stereos, all types of memory, cell phones, rechargeable batteries and any type of household appliance that has a motor and doesn't contain a compressor, such as a vacuum cleaner or blender. 

Televisions and monitors can be dropped off at the Publics Works Electronic Shed for a $20 fee. For a $30 fee, we will pick it up curbside on the third Wednesday of the month.  Residents desiring to have a television removed must call the Public Works Department by the Friday before the collection date at (610) 277-4103 to get the $30 Disposal sticker and to be placed on the list. Items without stickers will not be collected. A disposal sticker is required for curbside television collection only. Once stickers are purchased there are no refunds.


Call the Public Works Office 610-277-4103 for drop-off procedures and location information or to get on the Television disposal list.