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2016 Leaf Collection Schedule

Week of               Section
Oct 17                  2
Oct 24                  1
Oct 31                  3
Nov 7                   2
Nov 14                 1
Nov 21                 3
We will continue to collect after this schedule one more time in every neighborhood.

A map and tentative schedule is published in early fall. The schedule will be adjusted based on weather conditions and how many leaves are falling.Residents should have their leaves curbside for collection by Monday of the scheduled week. 

Leaf collection can be a dusty proposition.Residents are urged to keep car windows rolled up and park in the driveway to limit any pesky dust problems. 

Please don't begin raking leaves to the curb until the week before your scheduled collection.This prevents safety hazards caused by clogged storm sewers or fires from parking cars on the leaf pile. 

If crews are available, they may be in your area early.But don't worry; we'll be back in the areas as scheduled to get your leaves. 


Residents can opt to place bagged leaves at the curb for collection on Wednesdays.Residents must use biodegradable paper leaf bags for collection or a designated yard waste container.LEAVES IN PLASTIC BAGS WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.Biodegradable paper leaf bags are available for purchase at local retailers, including Home Depot, Lowes, other hardware stores and some area supermarkets.

Follow these guidelines in order to make leaf collection as safe and efficient as possible:

Curbside leaf piles may extend along the entire length of the property.


DO NOT mix limbs, brush and other debris with leaf piles since such items may cause damage to the collection equipment and injury to Township personnel. Mixed Piles will not be collected.

Leaves will not be collected with your regular trash collection.Trash with leaves co-mingled will not be collected.

Adverse weather conditions may cause delays in leaf collection dates.

Once the leaf collection machine has passed it will not return until the next scheduled collection.

Township employees and/or equipment are not permitted to enter private property to remove leaves.

roperty owners are encouraged to start their own compost piles.