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Download a district map

District 1-1:
Central Montco Tech School, 821 Plymouth Road

District 1-2:
Central Montco Tech School, 821 Plymouth Road

District 2-1:
Plymouth Community Ambulance Building, 903 East Germantown Pike

District 2-2:
Plymouth Township Building, 700 Belvoir Road

District 2-3:
Harmonville Fire Station, Germantown Pike

District 3-1:
Greater Plymouth Community Center, 2910 Jolly Road

District 3-2:
Greater Plymouth Community Center, 2910 Jolly Road

District 3-3:
Church on the Mall, Plymouth Meeting Mall

District 4-1:
Ridge Park Elementary School, Karrs Lane and Little Avenue

District 4-2:
Plymouth Fire Company #1, 1323 Colwell Lane


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